Oxford Foundation Flock Award


Applications due May 28!!


We are pleased to announce that through the generosity and vision of several prominent Oxford breeders that the fourth annual Oxford Foundation Flock award will be given away at the National Oxford Show and Sale in 2010.

What it is...

The Foundation Award will be given out annually and will help to establish one new Oxford flock every year. The flock itself will consist of quality Oxford ewes and a good Oxford ram. Several breeders have committed to supplying show quality sheep for this award every year. The sheep will range in age from lambs to young brood ewes. The animals selected will be of sound structure and will maintain good breed type. Thus far, we have received commitments from the following breeders for the second annual animal donations:

2010 Donors:

Houghtaling Sheep Farms, 1 ewe lamb

Midwest Oxfords, 1 ewe lamb

Willow Tree Farms, 1 ewe lamb

Daniel Boone FFA, 1 ewe lamb

Double O Acres, 1 ram lamb

Emerald Valley Oxfords., 1 ewe lamb


How it works...

If you are interested in winning this award flock, you are expected to do the following: Write an essay to the Oxford Foundation Flock Award Committee (members consist of representatives of each of the donor flocks listed above). Be sure to include background information about yourself. This document should illustrate your goals and intentions with the animals should you win the award. We ask that you type your essay and email it by May 28th. Please include your mailing address and telephone number. Letters received after May 28th will be considered for the following year.



Winners are expected to donate one ewe lamb to a junior member within the first three years to get another potential flock started. This is the only thing that we, the committee, ask from the winner of this annual award.


Email Address



All essays will be reviewed and discussed by the committee members and the winner will be chosen and invited to receive their award at the National Oxford meeting in Springfield Illinois. If you can not make it there, then other arrangements can be made. People of all ages will be considered. Whether you are looking to add a second breed to your farm or looking to make a start in the sheep business. We invite you to take a chance and write to win. Good luck and God bless.

– Oxford Foundation Flock Award Committee